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Target Audience

This specification is intended to meet a variety of needs, depending on their level of comfort with the material involved. In order of precedence, the goal of this specification is to meet the needs of:

  • Node Developers
  • Wallet Developers
    • Provide all the details necessary to write a node implementation from scratch.
    • Provide a common space for documenting changes as they occur to continually represent a current model of the Nexa protocol
    • Provide each node implementation with an opportunity to describe what they do different and why
  • Script Developers
    • Provide all the details necessary to gain a complete understanding of script execution and the available scripting operations
    • Provide examples of commonly used scripts and an explanation of the patterns with which they are created
  • Service Providers
    • Provide information on how to create and submit transactions to the network
    • Provide information on how to collect and parse information about the state of the blockchain and network
  • Interested Non-Technical Parties
    • Provide a high-level description of the major terms and concepts required to understand how Nexa operates and its current operational state
    • Provide insight into how Nexa differs from Bitcoin Cash and from Bitcoin Core