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Response: Block (“block”)

Provides the contents of a block.

Message Format

Field Length Format Description
version number 4 bytes signed integer The block format version number.
previous block hash 32 bytes bytes The hash of the block preceding this one in the blockchain.
merkle root 32 bytes bytes The root hash of the merkle tree comprised of the block's transactions.
timestamp 4 bytes unix timestamp(LE) The time the block was generated.
hash target 4 bytes compressed target The target that the hash of this block is expected to satisfy. See Target.
nonce 4 bytes bytes Nonce used to update the block hash during mining. See Proof of Work.
transaction count variable variable length integer The number of transactions in the block (and therefore following in this message).
transactions variable transaction_count transactions The transactions contained within this block, formatted the same way they are in a tx message.